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The C-Scope SGA Generator, or Genny as it is more commonly known, is the Audio model which uses a pulsed tone for standard detection or a solid tone when used for detecting the depth of a cable or pipe. The SGA Genny works with the C-Scope CAT33 when in generator mode, generating a 33kHz signal which can be applied to a cable or metal pipe (using the cables and clips supplied) allowing it to be easily traced, or alternatively using a signal clamp. Where it isn’t possible to access the pipe or cable, the Genny can create a signal via induction. The SGA Genny's robust, rugged exterior, which has been built to IP65 standards, makes the Generator dust and water resistant. It also houses its own internal storage for the connection cables and clips provided and also make an ideal place for additional accessories such as the signal clamp, sonde or a Signal Injector.

Network Rail Approved


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